Granite is mined, or rather “quarried”, worldwide. Quarrying Granite begins by taking a sample from the Granite deposit, in order to test its purity. Once tested and approved, the Granite slabs are then drilled out with diamond-tipped drills. We follow safe and innovative mining techniques that empower us to extract granites in complete big blocks. Our Mines are equipped with the hi-tech machinery ensures dimensional accuracy right from first stage onwards to final finishing. We have professionally trained manpower to work at Quarries to produce best quality Granites.

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We are equipped with the most modern, state of art, machinery which is capable of all high tech value addition to natural stones. We are proud of being the owners of plant & machinery which can work 24 x 7 nonstop all year round with ample backup of trained engineers, skilled workers and artisans. Our factory is equipped with Blade Dressing Machines, Gantry Crane, Gangsaw Machines; Marble Gangsaw End Clamps, Polishing Machines, Edge Cutting Machines and Lathe Machines.

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A high gloss polish is achieved by grinding the surface of the stone with a series of increasingly fine diamond grit pads or compounds. A final process using Oxalic acid or a crystallizing compound is sometimes used to increase the mirror-like effect. Marbles, Granites and some of the harder can be polished. This gives a smooth and reflective finish and brings out all the subtleties and beauty of the stone.

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We have trained packaging staff that are fully aware of materials and packing standards. Tiles are wrapped with plastic and foam to protection then securely packed in wooden crates, after packaging all materials are totally reinforced to avoid any possible damages during transits and shipping. We also cater to specific packaging requirements of clients. Consistent and committed efforts of the company in offering world-class products to meet the most stringent quality standards has earned a lasting reputation as a dependable exporter and service provider.

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