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5 Most Exported Granites from India

Granite is a necessary component in the building industry; hence it is traded all over the world. Because of its high quality and strength, granite exports from India have increased dramatically in recent years. According to Indian granite export data, around 145 nations actively import Indian granite. Here are the 5 most exported granites from India.

1. Absolute Black Granite

Absolute Black Granite: Homeowners, builders, and designers choose one-tone absolute black granite. It is suited for kitchen counter tops for hard and severe use, giving your kitchen an attractive appearance. South India is the source of absolute granite.

The color black seems stunning, regal, and majestic. Absolute black granite draws everyone’s attention when it comes to purchasing slabs and tiles to paint a business or household area with highly consistent color and texture. Natural stone specialists propose this stone for indoor and external usage that are appropriate for your needs. Rich individuals like this stone for creating gorgeous granite worktops, vanity tops, exterior cladding, flooring, and architectural elements.

2. Black Galaxy Granite

It is dark black granite with metallic white and gray sparkles, as the name suggests. Recommended for reception areas, entrances, and so on. South India is the source of black galaxy granite. Natural granite has a significant advantage over other hard countertop surface materials in that it is extremely hard. Because of their hardness, materials like Black Galaxy Granite are scratch resistant. Black Galaxy is also resistant to heat.

    3. New Imperial Red Granite

    It is also known as Chattarpur Red granite because of its reddish tint. Flooring in heavy traffic areas such as a train station, hospital, or temple is recommended. North Indian mines supply the new Imperial Red Granite. Imperial Red Granite is a fair grain deep red natural stone with black-white and grey grain. The physical appearance of Gem Red Granite is defined by a bluish-brown backdrop with big dark red grains. This granite is one of the most popular red granite alternatives.

    4. Golden Oak Granite

      A golden granite with streaks of brown and orange. Recommended for flooring, wall dado, counter tops, and other similar applications. South Indian granite was mined. Golden oak granite is a gold granite found in India. This stone is ideal for building stone, ornamental stone, mosaic, pavers, staircases, fireplaces, sinks, balustrades, and other design projects. Golden oak granite can be polished, sawn cut, sanded, rock faced, sandblasted, tumbled, and other finishes.

      5. Tan Brown Granite

        Light and dark gray dotted sparkles in a brown tone. It looks great on kitchen countertops, window frames, and other surfaces. Granite is mined in South India. New Tan Brown Granite is a one-of-a-kind dark stone with a beautiful mix of brown grey and red accents. It has an extremely low water absorption capacity, making it ideal for bathroom and countertop applications. Furthermore, this long-lasting natural granite is suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.


          Granite is a rough and robust stone that is used for kitchen counter tops, window and door construction, flooring, wash basin counters, Indian seats, and Hindu temples, among other things. Indian granite is one of the most prominent styles in the Western world today. Granite exports from India are quickly becoming one of the country’s most profitable export profits, and the benefits to granite enterprises make it an excellent economic option.

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