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Revealed: The Real Reasons Why Indian Granite is taking over the Construction World

Stones are now being used in all types of building, whether residential or commercial, small or large. Granite has overtaken marble and other natural stones in terms of aesthetic appeal, hardness, and durability. The most appealing aspect of granite is its low maintenance, which makes it popular among architects and building contractors because, once put, it does not require frequent repair, like marble does. Though granite may be found all over the world, Indian Granite has its own distinct appeal. There are several reasons why Indian granite exporters continue to be in great demand throughout the world.

Forms of Indian Granite

To keep up with the current trend, Indian granite is being employed in honed and flamed forms instead of smooth and polished surfaces.

Exports of Indian Granite

In terms of total granite exports from India, the nation ranks second, with a total export of 2 million tons of natural stone in 2020. The first position was occupied by China with a total granite export of 4.8 M tones. China ($3.3 billion) is the world’s largest exporter of granite stone, accounting for 59% of global exports. India ($906M) kept second place in the list, accounting for 16% of worldwide granite exports. India’s proportion of global export value increased from 15% in 2010 to 16% in 2020, while China’s increased from 50% to 59%.

Why Indian Granite is in High Demand?

  • Price Competition

Importing granite from India is significantly cheaper than importing granite from any other country due to the availability of multiple granite quarries, inexpensive labor and resources, and a low dollar to rupee ratio. Furthermore, due to industry rivalry, most Indian granite exporters can offer better quality granite blocks, slabs, tiles, and other stone products at very competitive prices. This is one of the primary reasons why Indian granite is so popular in the building industry.

  • Diversity

Because no two architectural projects are alike, personalization is an integral aspect of the building process. This is where Indian granite tops come into play, since granite slabs, blocks, and tiles in a variety of hues and sizes are readily available. Indian granite supply can readily meet the needs of granite importers searching for attractive and durable granite, regardless of the needed amount or granite kind.

  • Easy Accessibility

As previously said, there are several granite quarries spread around the country, so you may expect the shipment to arrive considerably sooner. Furthermore, there are a big number of granite producers and exporters around the nation, so you can simply obtain the desired granite variety in the appropriate amounts.

  • Increased Variety

This is undoubtedly one of the primary reasons why Indian granite has grown in popularity. Any color, surface texture, design pattern, finish, and size is likely to be available in India.

  • Less complications

In most circumstances, importing granite from foreign nations is a difficult task. However, because of the simpler norms and restrictions, purchasers are unlikely to encounter serious problems while importing granite from the Indian subcontinent. This is just another reason why most granite purchasers all around the world choose to purchase high-quality granite from Indian granite suppliers.

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