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Wondering Where Your Granite Comes From? Here’s A Geographical Look At Indian Granite Quarries

Granite is a well-known decorative stone for its strength and longevity. This stone is mainly utilized to build monuments, buildings, and more. Granite stones are typically considered one of the oldest rocks in the world and can be found in various parts of the world. However, India boasts a vast abundance of granite deposits in multiple cities compared to other countries.

The country hosts more than a hundred varieties of granites that have their own unique colors and textures. It is no surprise that several granite exporters are currently operating in India. So, it’s easy to become confused about which granite exporter in India you should choose. Fortunately, many companies, such as Natura Marmo & Granite, can provide you with the finest quality granite.

What Is Granite

Granite has plutonic origins and is a granular igneous rock. The stone has several varieties that have natural colors, such as red, white, and even green. Granite is actually formed by the crystallization of magma. The color difference primarily stems from felspar, mica, and other ferromagnesian elements such as pyroxene and amphibole. 

What Is It Used For?

Natural stones like granite are used extensively within the construction sector. The unique disposition of granite makes it a favorite for constructing monuments, tombs, and other structures that need more finesse and class.

The reason why granite is considered such a valuable ornamental stone is because of its impressive durability. It takes hundreds of years for the pressure on the stones to deplete. It’s an ideal choice for constructing beautiful and robust structures. Moreover, the durability of granite allows it to be used for kitchen countertops or vanity tops in the bathroom.

Geographical Distribution of Granite Quarries in India

    Indian granite is considered a favorite within the construction industry due to its high-quality, vibrant colors and availability. They are naturally found on mountain ranges and can easily be seen throughout the Archaean belt. The system present on the Archaean belt is spread over hundreds of kilometers. Most of this spread is located in India.

    The system includes Dharwars, Older Metamorphics, and more. It even extends to regions such as West Bengal, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and even southern states such as Kerala and Goa.

    The following are some of the most popular regions in India where granite is found

    1. Rajasthan

    Rajasthan is famous for its high number of granite deposits in the state. Besides granite, other natural stones, such as sandstones and limestones, can also be found in Rajasthan.

    2. Gujarat

        Most of the granite in Gujarat is used for decorative and building purposes. Cities such as Baroda, Mehsana, and others are famous locations in Gujarat for their high abundance of granite deposits.

        3.  Assam

        High-quality granites are located in the central and lower part of Assam. These locations have an abundance of ornamental and dimensional stones. Best of all, the granite found here is mica-free and has light coloring. Most of these reserves host high-grade pick granites and an ample amount of grey granite.

        The deposits are easily accessible for organizations. The region is so rich with granites that the natural stone can be found next to railway tracks and more. 

        4. Bihar

          Bihar is a northern state in India that is known for granite and gneisses deposits. The location hosts multiple varieties of granite, such as pink and black granite, just to name a few.

          5. Andhra Pradesh

          Andhra Pradesh has excellent quality granites, mainly concentrated in Chittor, Hyderabad, and Warangal regions. Dolerite Dykes of Archean Deposits are found in Andhra Pardesh, especially within the Chittor district. The fine texture of granites found here allows it to differentiate itself from others in the market. From fine-grained to glassy, granites are found with several different texture types.

          6. Tamil Nadu

          Tamil Nadu is famous around the world for having high-quality black granite. Regions such as Walajah, Chengam, and Tanjore are just some locations where black granite is found in abundance.

          Properties of Granite Stones

          Granite has complex interaction of physical and chemical properties. The characteristics of the stone are determined through the properties it has. It’s also significant to know that the physical properties of granites are far more relevant than the chemical properties.


          India controls a vast area of granite deposits all over the country. The country sources these granites from suppliers at the quarries. Most of this stone goes to countries such as the US and UK.

          The granites India exports are a favorite among the construction industry due to their high quality, different finishings, and vibrant colors.  

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